Community needs Code of Conduct

I have heard a lot of times about the story of Linus Torvalds and his rude behavior to the community, but this is my first time to dive into the detail of the outcome to the whole Linux community. Also, this story makes me reflect on the part of Code of Conduct that does such a conduct works and if so how does it work, since such a Code of Conduct has noting reinforcement?

From one aspect, we can tell that a piece of the Code of Conduct will bring the community with peace, diversity, creativity and an easy atmosphere. We can tell that in one community with a powerful “dictator” the community can trend to reduce the diversity if the “dictator” chooses not to accept all differences. More than that, such a Code of Conduct will guarantee the communication and ways of leaving comments on the codes. And it is that part makes the community vivid as well as creative since a good communication and pleasant code review procedure will give contributors a positive feedback.

Another point is that how does the Code of Conduct work in practice. From my ground, I think that the what guarantees the validation of the Code of Conduct is the sense of community that we are a part of a group that we considered as a home-like thing in this case. So that we don’t have reasons to disturb the order of that and even further we may want to maintain the community just by the sense of belongs to such a particular community.