Open source, Github and I

Honestly speaking, for a long period of time, I considered that Open Source means useful packages and solutions to some commonly encountered problems. Since then, my first impression on Github is basically a place where I can find answer and convenience. My next stage is that I start to treat Github as a code repository and showcase to big companies. Thus, basically, I put every work I had done on Github without any documentation or Readme file. In this scenario, I am taking the Github as a solo game. And until like last summer, I just found out what is Github truly stands for it is not a solo game or where I can find wheels, but a community, I can share, implement and improve ideas and codes.

Then I start to come up with an idea of contributing to some open source organizations. However, what I found is that the open source is overwhelming since I am still fresh about the workflow of open source organization. Like what is an issue, what they are talking about on the issue, if I want to contribute what should I do first and do I need to follow a code style, tons of questions come up in the same time. And it is just like the article Bring Kindness back to Open Source stating sometimes the new guys can not get a positive feedback from their first contribution then it makes them lose their heart of holding on to it.

Frankly, though my first experience of open source contribution is terrible, I am still willing to keep on that, since working together for implementing some cool things is really fun and meaningful. And from another viewpoint, I always believe that coding together(not necessarily physically) and exchanging ideas about use cases and design patterns will deliver a better product. Thus, I always think open source is a way of making a difference in the worldwide.