GSoC-2019 at TensorFlow.js

This blog post is about what I have done during the whole summer at TensorFlow.js.

I have made a relevant blog-post(waiting to be published at medium) to describe in details about what exactly functionality I have made for TensorFlow.js. The link is here.

Now, I will show the code first to demostrate the work I have done!


af3f975 Adds support for loading tfjs in web worker.

85db46b Adds unit test for the previous changes to ensure it will not break anything.

9234369 Adds fromPixels support for web worker.

9730187 Fix a mis-behaviour when tfjs is running in web worker with safari/firefox.

ab6b88d Add Karma tests for worker environment.

f5f68f4 Add custome tslint rule.

eb2e989 Remove dist importing.